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RE: CO2 and O2

> 2) In nature CO2 does not follow Henry's Law because of the way it
> combines with any cations in natural waters.  This means that CO2 is
> dissolved more like a salt then a gas in our tanks.  The dissolution and
> removal of CO2 from water is involved in those pH swings people like to
> ask about.  As an aside, CO2 does not typically attach to hemoglobin in
> your blood.  It dissolves into your blood plasm the same way it
> dissolves into water.   

This would explain why my O2 went up when I started adding CO2. I just
figured my tests were out-of-wack. It also explains why my fish show no
signs of stress with what the test kits state are dangerous levels of CO2.
Takes a lot of CO2 to get my PH from 8 to 6.8. :)