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Low pH

>From: sealaw at nela_org (Macon Cowles)
>Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 23:53:00 -0700
>Subject: Raising KH for more accurate pH control
>In Boulder, our water comes from the Arapahoe Glacier and by the time it
>gets to the tap it is very soft, with GH of 3 and KH of 2.5.  I have
>gathered from comments here that this water is too soft for CO2 injection
>in that it creates problems accurately meaasuring and controlling pH or
>buffering changes in pH.  I am thinking that this low KH may be the reason
>that I cannot get any reading at all out of my Tetra CO2 test.

I can't speak about the Tetra CO2 test kit but compared to me you have
*hard* water. In winter our water comes out of the tape at 0 for both KH
and GH. I inject CO2 and raise the GH and KH to 3.5 - 4 using Calcium
Carbonate and Baking Soda -- more of the former as I must raise both.

in Vancouver where our water comes from the sky