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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #589

> 2) In nature CO2 does not follow Henry's Law because of the way it
> combines with any cations in natural waters.  This means that CO2 is
> dissolved more like a salt then a gas in our tanks.  The dissolution and
> removal of CO2 from water is involved in those pH swings people like to
> ask about.  As an aside, CO2 does not typically attach to hemoglobin in
> your blood.  It dissolves into your blood plasm the same way it
> dissolves into water.   
Haemoglobin has its oxygen binding negatively affected by the coordinate 
binding of CO2. It does normally dissolve in the plasma but also binds to 
the haemoglobin. Under normal conditions it helps the transport of oxygen 
in the blood via reducing the strength of the O2 binding to the point 
that it can actually unbind from the haemoglobin. That is the situation 
when there are some of the sites free, under elevated CO2 that is not 
necessarily the case.

Peter Hughes