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Canister filter as CO2 reactor

From: sealaw at nela_org (Macon Cowles)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 23:53:13 -0700
Subject: Cannister filter as co2 reactor

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[]  > I am now setting up a 75 gallon with a proper Dupla CO2 injection system.
[]  > DaleCo talked me into buying the Dupla S Reactor for $175.  But now I am
[]  > wondering if I shouldn't just return the reactor to save $175 and route my
[]  > CO@ from the bubble counter to the intake on my canister filter.  It seems
[]  > to be working well on the 37 gal.  But need I be concerned about carbolic
[]  > acid eating up my canister filter and hoses if I follow this method?

[]  Not unless your canister filter is made of steel.  Most canisters are made from plastic parts, and carbonic acid should not affect them.  If your canister filter works for you currently, I would stick to it. 

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