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Increasing CaCO3 solubility

I am using CaCO3 to increase the KH and GH of my tap water, added in
each water change.

When I add it to the tank, it becomes very cloudy, taken about two or
more hours to clear (I am adding CaCO3 to increase hardness in 5 dKH and
5 dGH).

I have read in past APD that CaCO3 has low solubility in water and it
has to react with the CO2 in the water to be disolved. My question is,
is there any form to help CaCO3 to disolve in the water or to increase
the reaction speed in order to get the tank clear early?

I'm not chemist. Maybe it is a trivial question ;-)


Carlos Gallego
E-mail: carlosag at mx2_redestb.es