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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #586

In <199703182039.PAA20345 at looney_actwin.com>, on 03/18/97 
   at 03:39 PM, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com said:

>>The excess CO2 accumulated between the water surface and
>> the cover glass >until all the O2 had been displaced and the fish
>> asphyxiated.  You DO have >to worry about too much CO2.  .....

>Sorry guys, but this doesn't seem a likely chain of events. First, from
>what I've read, CO2 in the water does *not* displace oxygen in the water.

Greg, read it again.  The excess CO2 accumulated BETWEEN THE WATER SURFACE

>Second, unless the glass cover was air-tight, the CO2 would not have been
>trapped under it.

Wrong again.  If you put CO2 down one end of a piece of air tubing at a
VERY SLOW air rate, you will soon have a piece of air tube FULL OF CO2
even tho the other end is COMPLETELY OPEN.

>Third, if it was air-tight, *all* gases would have been
>trapped, including oxygen.

Until the O2 was exhausted.  If you don't believe it, stick you head in a
plastic bag and seal it.  Have a friend stand by to save you.

Dave Gomberg, FormMaestro!    gomberg at wcf_com