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CO2 Reactors

Someone asked the other day about CO2 reactors, in particular the Dupla and
Aqualine Buschke reactors which are fairly expensive.  I haven't used
either one so I can't comment, but I have expressed doubts in this forum
about the reactor which comes with the Sandpoint CO2 system.  

Those doubts turn out to be incorrect, and the Sandpoint reactor (which my
aquarium shop can order separately for $40) works quite well in my heavily
planted 125 g. tank.  I can crank up the reactor to 25 mg./l or so using
only the output of a 2217 Eheim canister filter.  My mistake was simply
that I didn't open up the needle valve on the CO2 regulator far enough to
create the swirling vortex of CO2 and water needed to dissolve more CO2. 
(I lulled myself to sleep reading the 1-3 bubbles per second for the
aquariums in Amano's books.  For my setup I run at 5-10 bubbles per second
to achieve 15-20 mg.l.)

Steve Dixon

Sandpoint is out of business, but whoever made their reactor is still
selling them and they work well.

Steve Dixon