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Re: Lighting for a 20

> I am going to transfer my 20 zebra danios, 12 neons, two plecos from my 
> gallon tank to my 20L which is currently empty. 

   You must mean a 20 gallon, right?
 I also have two amazon
> swords and some water sprite.  Right now, it's got a one tube flourescent
> (but I'll probably get rid of it)  Any suggestions on what kind of 
lighting I
> should have?   What should I use that would be the best for the
> plants?  Two vita-lites maybe?

   As a veteran vita-lite user, I think they are one of the best.  However, 
for a brighter tank, the Penn Plax Ultra tri-lux, or the Coralife 
triphosphor (full-spectrum) bulb are also good.  

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