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CO2 Levels

>I have what Eheim calls a long term CO2 test monitor. It's a small clear
>plastic gizmo which is filled with a small amount of tank water and four
>drops of test solution. It is then mounted to the inside of the tank and
>indicates CO2 concentration on three levels. The problem is it came with
>only the setup instructions, and gives no indication of what these levels
>represent. I assume they stand for to low, OK, and high, but I have no
>idea what their recommendations are. I also have no information on how
>long the solution lasts or if there is a way of knowing when to change it.
>Are any of you familiar with these or similar monitors? I would appreciate
>your help.

If you know the pH and KH levels, you can use the CO2/pH/KH charts (in the
archives, The Optimum Aquarium, etc.) to determine the CO2 levels.  As long
as you are using bicarbonate buffers, the chart will give you correct
readings.  There is a lot of discussion on this in the archives.  

I've never had confidence in any of the CO2 testing I've done (admittedly
with cheap kits) and I've been happier working from KH (the Tetra kit is
good) and pH readings (I use the Pinpoint PH monitor) to determine CO2
levels.  If you increase the CO2 for a given KH, the pH will drop and you
will be able to determine the new CO2 level from the charts.

Steve Dixon