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Re:DIY CO2 reactor

> >WRONG!  I lost a beautiful community tank full of fish to this
> assumption. >The excess CO2 accumulated between the water surface and
> the cover glass >until all the O2 had been displaced and the fish
> asphyxiated.  You DO have >to worry about too much CO2.  .....
> Good point -certainly if you have a tight cover over your tank that will
> trap CO2 you have to be concerned.

Sorry guys, but this doesn't seem a likely chain of events. First, from
what I've read, CO2 in the water does *not* displace oxygen in the water.

Second, unless the glass cover was air-tight, the CO2 would not have been
trapped under it. Third, if it was air-tight, *all* gases would have been
trapped, including oxygen.

I don't doubt what happened to Dave's fish happened, but I suspect a
different cause.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA

"Every infinity is composed of only two halves."