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Re: Molybdenum

Dave Said:
> >parts of
> >Australia were deficient enough that imported legumes did not do well,
> >although the native plants were able to grow normally.
> That was boron, I believe.
Dunno about Oz, but if Steve had said NZ he'd have been right on the
Clovers, and thus pastoral agriculture, failed on the central volcanic
plateau until this Molybdenum deficiency was recognised. Cattle still
suffered until an additional Selenium deficiency was diagnosed. Accurate
or not our (NZ) AgResearchers are proud of having first deciphered the
role Se plays in biochem. The resultant flow of cash seems to have
started an entire industry selling toxic doses of selenates as 'health
supplements' ;).
I add 0.05ppm Mo by PMDD and believe I have discerned an improvement.
But thats just my local *unusual* water supply.