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Re:DIY CO2 reactor

In response to by post  Dave Gomberg wrote

>WRONG!  I lost a beautiful community tank full of fish to this assumption.
>The excess CO2 accumulated between the water surface and the cover glass
>until all the O2 had been displaced and the fish asphyxiated.  You DO have
>to worry about too much CO2.  .....

Good point -certainly if you have a tight cover over your tank that will

trap CO2 you have to be concerned.

I  don't use  glass covers because they just seem to get in the way.
This is another reason not to use them.

For a manual system I still  believe the simplest and safest method to
CO2 into the tank is my trapping it under a dome/cap/bell  near the
You just need to experiment with the area of the dome your setup
and make sure you are  bubbling at a rate that keeps CO2 trapped under

I think this method is especially good for DIY yeast systems where
rate might vary.  Also you can bubble the CO2 in near the surface so you
operating at a very low pressure.