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Meltdown Update

Six weeks ago I reported the major crash of my 20 gallon jungle 4 months
after set-up.  Hygrophlia spp. with holes in the leaves, leaves dropping;
Vallisneria turning yellow, shedding leaves; nearly total cryp meltdown after
a minor change in lighting.  The apparent problem was a macro-nutrient
deficiency (nitrogen, potassium, perhaps phosphorous).

The solution was as follows:  1) added 3 x 5 gram tablets of AgSafe Aquatic
Tabs (10/15/10 + micronutrients) broken up and pushed deeply into the
substrate near the rooted plants.  2) daily PMDD (new formula) (1 ml / 10
gallons), originally with potassium nitrate added separately, as needed to
maintain 10 ppm.

Result:  Wow!!  The jungle returns, even better than before.  Hygro sp. are
growing like weeds.  H. difformis has formed a dense bush that is a haven for
baby fish and a playground for the SAEs.  Val is taking over the corner with
runners busting out all over.  The crypts are coming back densely with
beautifully marked leaves.  H. polysperma (red and green) have to be trimmed
every three or four days or they literally take over.  I'm now using my tank
to supply plants for a tank I've started at our church's preschool.  Green
algae has disappeared from the plant leaves and the driftwood thanks to the
SAEs and some snails.  There seems to be no algae problem caused by the
Aquatic-Tabs provided they are pushed deeply into the substrate.  If I was
skeptical about the claims of PMDD, I am no longer.

Lesson learned:  Watch the hygro.  They're they first to tell you that
they're hungry.

Thanks to all for your advice.
Bill Cwirla
Hacienda Heights, CA