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CO2 Indicator/Potted plant tablets

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From: "Loh S H" <lsh9933 at mbox2_singnet.com.sg>
To: <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>
Subject:  CO2 indicator/Pot plant tablets
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 12:40:59 +0800

Hi, I'm a newbies in planted tank and had been lurking in this newsgroup
for the past few months.

Two question I'll like to seek opinions of:

1) Are those long term CO2 indicator as marketed by Dupla,Sera etc actually
measuring pH? 
With the change in colour of the indicator solution, the CO2 content can
then be estimated using the KH-pH-CO2 chart by asumming a  typical value of
KH (maybe say 5 degree). 
Is my hypothesis right?  If it is right, we infact need only to monitor the
pH level to prevent under/over dosing of CO2.

2) The BG cyno had made it's appearance in my 55 G tank, I believe due to
low nitrate level. (Did not do any test ). I do not intend to go to the
extent of using antibiotics yet. Is the following slow releasing pot plant
tablets suitable in the aquarium to increase the nitrate level and replace
Florapride which I'm using right now:

Formula analysis per 3 gram tablets :

Nitrogen as urea formaldehyde                                   14%
4.60% water solubie Nitrogen (N)
9.4% water insoluble Nitrogen (N)

PHosphorous (P) as citrate soluble                               1.8%

Potassium(K) as sulhate of potash and fritted potash      5.0%

Calcium as phosphates and sulphates                           3.0%

Sulphur as sulphates                                                   3.0%

Iron as ferrous sulphate                                               

Fillers incuding dispersant and lubricant                         12%


Loh SH 

In sunny Singapore why the planted tank is fast catching on