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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #580

In a message dated 97-03-15 18:47:57 EST, Paul wrote:

<< Ammonium Sulphate is not available over the counter, however you may be
 able to find it on the floor, usually on a fork lift pallette, in 25 pound
 plastic bags. I have yet to see it in a drugstore, but Home Depot has tons
 of it in the garden section.
This is great..thanks to others that also pointed this out.  You will pay a
lot more if you go through an aquaculture supply house.  Has anyone used the
cheap stuff to start biofilters?  What contaminants are present?  I generally
use reagent grade stuff because I have access, and because it's pure...but
I'd rather use "fertilizer" for certain applications.

Pete Mohan
(From NE Ohio, where winter is back and I'm too chicken to go out to my shed
to check the labels on my fertilizer bags)