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black sand

And now, for my next question... Several years ago, while digging the 
hole for a client's pond, I ran across several veins of heavy, fine, 
black sand.  It was in some stabilized sand dunes in Carlsbad, CA.  Of 
course, I saved quite a bit of it and am now tripping over its containers 
in my greenhouse.  I know that it is full of Fe (it is extremely weighty, 
>/= 75 lbs/ cu.ft.)and I guess my question is, does anybody out there feel that there would be any advantage in using it as a substrate, or 
substrate additive, for my aquarium plants, or is it just a waste of 
time?  It is so fine that I'm certain that it will sift through the 
gravel in the aquarium and wind up in a layer on the tank bottom.  Thank 
you very much for your help.  D. Curtright.