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Re: Clear water blues

More on blue-hue:

>> Now, is the hue gone because of mineral loss?  Fluoride?
>> Chlorine/chloramine?  The different lighting?  
>It is possible that the lighting has something to do with it.  More than 
>likely, though, there is enough low-quality organic material in the 
>dechloraminator to put a fraction of an APHA color unit in the water in 
>the bucket, which is all it takes to kill the blue color.
>Craig Bingman

Actually, I think I found the cause.  The stone I use to weight down the
air-wand with which I aerate the bucket has a considerable slimy growth on
it, which probably colors the water sufficiently to kill the blue; mind you,
the water looks perfectly clear after 24 hours, not dirty or yellow.  Just
not blue anymore.

And it's nice to know that this means my tap water is nice and kleen.

If it just didn't have the colorless chemicals in it, I'd be downright happy
to drink it.