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New IceCap MH Ballasts

For those of you using MH lighting or are considering it, IceCap
Industries has a new Electronic Metal Halide ballast.  They make some
pretty amazing claims and after talking to them on the phone about
it, they have me convinced to give the new product a try.  I know my
current MH ballasts run quite hot and as a user of their VHO ballast
(which lives up to all of its claims) I'm excited about this new
product.  Aqualink Direct is selling them for $169 for a single lamp
ballast.  The following is a list of their claims.  

•Ballast generates virtually no heat and no noise 
•Burns 175 watt lamps 20% brighter 
•Lamps burn 20-50% cooler 
•20-30% Energy Savings 
•Longer lamp life by an integrated soft-start process 
•No spectral shift in lamps 
•3 Year Guarantee 
•Weighs less than 1 1/2 pounds 
•Grounded 8ft lamp cord 
•Grounded 4ft power cord with quick-disconnect harness 
•Uses 175w American Made Metal Halide Lamps 
•Available in retro fit, pendant, hoods and ballast-only assembly