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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #578

In a message dated 97-03-14 20:20:30 EST, Tim wrote:

<< What is ammonium sulfate in common household terms?
 What is meant by 10% sugar solution? Is that 10% by volume, by
 weight,...? >>

Don't know if ammonium sulfate is available in some over-the-counter form.
 I've used both ammonium chloride and sulfate to jump start biological
filters and assume the two chemicals are roughly interchangable for this
purpose also (the percent ammonium is different).  Ammonium chloride may be
available through aquaculture chemical supply houses.  You might check with
Argent Chemical laboratories at 800-426-6258.   Frankly, the folks using
flour in their DIY mixes may have found the simplest answer.  The amino acids
in the flour must supply all the nitrogen that is needed (perhaps in a less
readily usuable form than the ammonium sulfate?).  

The 10% sugar (sucrose) solution was a rough number, but referred to %
weight.  Does this agree with what folks are observing in their most
successful recipes?

Pete Mohan