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Re: tank odors

In my experience, healthy tanks have an odor which is noticable, but not objectionable, at 
least to most people. I recently battled a cyanobacterial outbreak in one of my tanks. The 
musty odor was very different from a normal tank, and although it did not bother me 
particularly, my wife, who suffers from lots of respiratory allergies, literally had leave the 
house or go to the opposite end (behind several closed doors). Needless to say, marital accord 
required that I take the quick and easy way out: erythromycin for five days. Within three days 
of treatment, the offending cyanobacteria, and the objectionable odor, disappeared. My wife 
and I can both enjoy the front room together even when I am working on the tanks.

Rick Denney
rdenney at ibm_net