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More CO2?

Hi Folks,
I've been following the conversation on recipes for DIY CO2 generation.  I
checked with a contact at a major brewing company to see if he could suggest
a way to maximize carbon dioxide production.   Anyone who is using sugars as
"fuel" for their yeast may want to try this experiment:  add about an eighth
of a teaspoon of ammonium sulfate per liter of 10% sugar solution.  The yeast
need nitrogen, and in beer making normally get it from malted barley.  In the
true spirit of DIY, other household nitrogen sources might come to
mind....but your significant other is going to think you've finally lost it
when you're found removing damp litter from the cat's box (catterite?) to get
"ingredients" for "fake beer" that you need to "feed your plants"...

I'll have a draft...hold the ammonia.
Pete Mohan