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Dupla laterite in new tank

Apropos of George Booth's message that two people who used the product to
set up a new tank "have reported red cloudy water that won't go away," I
set up a tank a week ago with Dupla laterite and do not have the cloudy
water problem.  I used the box they sell for setting up a 25 gal. aquarium
in order to set up a 37 gal.  I followed the instructions, mixing it with
the bottom 1/3 of the substrate.  I do not have an undergravel heating
cable in this tank; and I use a cannister filter rated at 100 gal per hour.
I just ordered enough Dupla laterite to set up a 75 gal aquarium.

What is incredible about this product is its price:  $16 for the 25 gal
size, a box of red dirt that measures approx. 3/4" by 5" by 3-1/2".  Plus
shipping of course.

SUBSTRATE HEATER:   I am spending evenings this week laying out the cable
of a substrate heater in this 75 gal tank that I am setting up, and
applying silicone sealer to hold the cable in place. It is incredibly
tedious work.  Of course the dupla suction cups with cable holders are
available to make the job easier.  But you would need about 32 of them and
they cost $3 each!  I find that my old wire bound Daytimer seniors make a
reasonable template for doing the work.

Macon Cowles
1680 Wilson Court
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 447-1332