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Hamilton Tech Co2

Hi Ed,

I have 2 of Hamilton Tech's CO2 Sysytem hooked up to 2 of my tanks. 

 One of them (the newer one ) is working fine.  With the older one (about 3
months) the regulator isnt working anymore, and the only way I found this
out was because I ordered a new CO2 tank prematurely, thinking that I had
exhausted all the CO2 in such a short period of time.  In both the new CO2
tank and the old one, it had registered zero.  Right now, the only way I can
tell wether or not the tank is empty is if my ph readings go way up.  It
comes with a CO2 reactor which is poorly designed but functional.

Bottom line is, the price is reasonable compared to the name brands, it may
or may not have any problems, as can be seen with 2 of my units, but it
works well, giving me the plant growth that I am pleased with.  iF you need
any more info on it, email me directly.

dennis at nhb_com
 D C  Santiago                       Internet: dennis at nhb_com
 Toronto, CANADA