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Re: Laterite & Aluminum Silicate

>From Steve P.:
> 1) How probable is it that aluminum silicates could be leached from
> soils under tropical conditions (i.e. mildly acidic water in large
> quantities)? 
	I think it would be very slow.
> 2) How reactive are aluminum silicates in clay form in the substrate
> under low redox conditions and with possibly low pH (~6 pH) ? 
	The redox conditions are essentially irrelevant to this, because
neither the Al nor the Si is going to change its oxidation state.
Solubilities will be low.  What sort of reaction did you have in mind?
> Some other points:
> Sand, quartz, gravel are all primarily crystalline forms of aluminum
> silicates.
	Quartz is SiO2.  I think sand and gravel could be just about
anything, but aluminosilicates will be common.
> Glass is another form of aluminum silicate and glass vessels can be
> used to store some of the most concentrated and powerful acids without
> contamination.

	Glass is a mixed sodium/calcium silicate - no aluminium.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada

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