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Re: Where To Find T-8s

> digging did convince me of, though, is that you will not fine T-8s in over
> 6500K in lamps less than 4'...unless you don't mind shelling out a fair
> bit more for a German-made lamp (Lumichrome) that is 6500K and 97CRI.  It
> comes in 3' and 4', and the cheapest I could find it was $16.  For the 4'

	That is, I meant to write, you will not find T-8s in over _5000K_
in lamps less than 4'.  and the Lumichromes come in 2' and 4', not 3' and
	A little side note:  the Lumichromes, when turned on, appear "baby
blue" in colour, a colour I'd never seen in a flourescent lamp before.