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Re: Where to find T-8s

	Try a local lighting distributor.  Sylvania makes a 5000K lamp in
2,3 and 4', and a 6500K in 4' only.  The 5000K lamps, called Octron, have
a very good CRI; I'm not sure about the CRI on the 6500K.  GE also makes
the same type of lamp, but I the ones I've seen listed have a somewhat
lower CRI.  (Their 6500K, 4' has a CRI of 78, for instance).  I'm not sure
about other manufacturers like Phillips.  One thing some pretty serious
digging did convince me of, though, is that you will not fine T-8s in over
6500K in lamps less than 4'...unless you don't mind shelling out a fair
bit more for a German-made lamp (Lumichrome) that is 6500K and 97CRI.  It
comes in 3' and 4', and the cheapest I could find it was $16.  For the 4'
lamps, you can also get a parabolically correct ;-) fixture/reflector
which is made of some material supposedly close to mylar's level of
reflectivity.  They'll set you back at least $50, and i think each one is
made for just 2 lamps... I didn't look that closely, since (fortunately) I
couodn't justify/rationalize <g> shelling out that kind of money,
especially since i have no tanks that use 4' lamps.
	I doubt you'll find these German-made lamps anywhere but in a
hydroponics shop...
		Happy hunting,