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Madagascar Lace

Well, I have had my underwater garden (37 gal) for an entire week now.  It
was such an incredible thrill to finally be able to rig my CO2 apparatus
(the coke bottle with yeast and sugar) so that I could get the bubbles to
be drawn through the strainer of the intake on my canister filter.  Then
when the early morning sun hits the tank:  boom, O2 fizzing up everywhere!!

My local aquarium store just laid in three of the most beautiful Madagascar
Lace plants: about 9 inches high.  The price is $35 per.  My question: is
this price in the ball park?  And should a beginner even consider putting
it in his tank?  Judging from the string algae I have, my tank has not
settled in yet.

Macon Cowles
1680 Wilson Court
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 447-1332