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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #571

In a message dated 97-03-11 13:36:25 EST, Mark wrote:

<< I need to know what treatments people have used for worms, how well it
 worked, and if it has effected the plants.  Brand names would be
 appreciated, or generic if need be.  These worms are white and just
 about half a centimeter in length (largest I've seen them).  They seem
 to be under the skin of the fish, located on the side or fin.  >>

     I'm not sure from your description, exactly what type of worms you're
plaqued with.  If they are encysted in the tissue, they may be an
developmental stage of a tapeworm.   Praziquantel (the active ingredient in
the pet drug Droncit, or human analog Biltricide)  may be of use to control
"grubs" if added to the diet.  A vet would need to be involved...I'm pretty
sure this is only available by prescription.  Grub infections usually go away
on their own as the parasites mature and leave.  Hard to say whether your
snails might perpetuate the problem by acting as an intermediate host.  If
the worms are nematodes (round worms), another drug, Panacure, works well as
a dietary additive (The active ingredient is Fenbendazole).  Can you compare
your pests with descriptions in a fish disease book?  If you can identify
them, and have access to any of the above chemicals, I can give you doses.
 You'll need to mix up some "gelatin diet" to mix the chemicals with. 

Pete Mohan