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re: Test kits again

I had a similar experience last night.

Searching through my aquarium stuff, I located my test kits (hadn't
bothered with testing my water for quite a while.


pH 6.5
GH 19 dKH
KH < 1 dKH
Nitrates > 100 ppm

I think I need to back way off on some of my nutrient additions, and
probably ought to test my iron levels now, too.

I'm doing daily water replacements of 30 gallons right now, and I added 1/2
tsp baking soda to the water to get the alkalinity back up some (no wonder
my snails looked stressed).  The plants are happier again.  That's a nice
thing to see, since growth had nearly stopped, and I'd started to get a
growth of green filamentous algae in the tank.  I guess I learned a lesson
about not bothering to test my water parameters.

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