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To all APDer's

I know that we generally talk more about plants than fish, but I have a
new dilemma.  I discovered a few days ago that my fish have started to
come down with some worms.  Since these things don't just come
over-night, I think it has probably been brewing and I'm finally
noticing it because it's more prominent.  They probably came in with
some snails that I added to my tank, which came with some plants I
added.  Sterilization in the future.

I need to know what treatments people have used for worms, how well it
worked, and if it has effected the plants.  Brand names would be
appreciated, or generic if need be.  These worms are white and just
about half a centimeter in length (largest I've seen them).  They seem
to be under the skin of the fish, located on the side or fin. 
Medicating my whole tank is inevitable, but I would prefer a treatment
that would also kill any intermediate stages in my snail population.  I
do not have any other invertabrates (that I know of) besides the snails
that I want to keep.

Thanks in advance.


pearlsco at u_washington.edu
The more people I meet, the more I like my plants.