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Re: Laterite "Mined in the US

>From: "Mark Shelton" <mark_shelton at pobox_tbe.com>
>>Subject: Laterite "Mined in the USA"
>    I forwarded the above post to Albert Thiel, his response follows:

>After receiving samples from several companies and running tests on these
>samples we settled on a product mined in Arizona that seemed to contain the
>minerals and the iron we are so interested in for our plants and have been
>selling that variety for quite some time now with great success.

>Yes the Laterite we sell contains iron and I should probably add that to the
>label to make that clear. That is my fault, I guess I assumed that one would
>automatically infer that it did because it is laterite. I will change the
>label when we produce new ones to reflect this.
>I hope this answers your questions and if it does not and you need more
>info, please feel free to ask more questions. 

Mark: Thanks for getting the information from Thiel. It is not very
surprising, however, that the laterite contains iron. Find out if Albert
tested for Aluminum (because high concentrations of both aluminum and iron
can be found in laterite) and if he is willing to share the test data?

This would be very valuable to potential users.

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