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Re: Anubia leaves deformity

Dionigi said:

>In two of my tanks, the leaves of A. nana are growing deformed, curving
>towards one side. I had them in the past in similar conditions with no
>problems. No signs of deficiency in any other plant (mainly swords,
>Hygrophila spp.). Is there a specific nutrient deficiency that may be
>related to this problem? DKH and DGH are quite low, in the 2-3 range.

I started using the new PMDD formula (after using the original for approx.
6 months) about 3 weeks ago and the older leaves of _all_ varieties(4) of
only my anubias are now curving downward towards one side (this phenomenon
started within 1 week or so of using the new formula). I, like Dionigi, am
not experiencing any problems with any of the other plants: swords, rotala,
bacopa, crypts, "mexican oak leaf", val.  I assumed that I was using too
much of the new formula of the fertilizer and have since cut back (no other
parameters have changed and since the curving only happens on the older
leaves, it is too early to tell if cutting back has helped).  I do not have
low water hardness levels - San Diego water is quite hard.

Does this appear to be a correct assumption???