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Where's the yellow?

     There has been so much discussion on using carbon to remove the yellow 
     color in aquarium water I deceided to check my own tanks, as one 
     person suggested.
     I keep both a 90 gal planted tank and a 75 gal reef tank; neither has 
     ever been carbon filtered.  The 90 gallon has been set up for 4 years, 
     and the 75 has been set up for 3.  Both are very successful.  I taped 
     a sheet of white paper at one end, and sighted along the length of the 
     tank (4 feet).
     The result?  A slight blue-green color.  This is not because of the 
     water, but because of the glass--it has a slight blue-green color 
     (very distinct on the glass edge).  Both tanks were manufactured by 
     O'Dell.  Maybe the glass color masked the water color, but I don't 
     seem to have yellow water.  Where's the problem?