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plants not doing so hot...

Hi, my plants have taken a turn for the worse. Just recently (after
adding a 3rd 20W fl. light to my 30 gal tank) the plants started to form
holes near the center of the leaves.  These holes would be brown, and
spread throughout the leaf.  All types of plants seem to be affected, bu
the worst is the Hygrophila siamensis. I have some ottos in the tank
with a clown pl*co and some ghost shrimps.  The only other occupants are
2 small tetras and 2 small rainbow fish.  I cannot catch anyone actively
eating the plants, so I can only think that the increased light is
having a negative effect on the plants. I was under the impression that
2 watts per gallon was low for a planted tank (its a 30 inch long, and
18 inch deep tank).  I have been using Kent brand supplements, but will
be switching to flourish today!  That's all I can think of, any help
will be appreciated.

Adrian Hydon <aph at globalserve_net>