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Date: Sun, 9 Mar 97 08:22:06 UT
From: "Elliot Royce" <e_royce at msn_com>
Message-Id: <UPMAIL02.199703090826430040@msn.com>
To: Aquatic-plants at actwin_com
Subject: Sequestrene

I remembered the Sequestrene thread when I was in my local garden center in 
London and saw Sequestrene.  There are two versions: one with Magnesium and 
the other with just iron.  I think the Magnesium-enhanced one would harden 
your water.

I've added 10ml of powder to a 60 gal tank, providing an iron concentration of 
1mg/l, which my Sera test kit indicates is optimum.  The pH and hardness seem 
fine, and the fish seem OK.  The only problem is that my tank has turned red.

The fertilizer I've used is composed of:

Iron soluble in water	1.2%
Iron chelated by EDDHA 1.2%

elliot.royce at gecapital_com