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Re:Chemical Filtration

>It is true that carbon filtration will remove chelated Fe from your
>water but it won't affect Fe available in soil substrates. Since it is
>not important to maintain nitrifying bacteria in a filter, you can
>simply turn it off for a few days after you add a dose of chelated Fe.
>This will give the plants the opportunity to absorb a surplus of Fe
>which they will store and use for several days. I think carbon filtration
>is the best for removing yellow organic material from your water but
>it may not be best to filter it continuously as it also serves useful
>purposes to inhibit algae and bacteria. In excess it also may inhibit
>some of your plants and some compounds like phenol are not healthy for
>fish in large quantities either.
I'm sorry you did a fly over on me (not hard with me) .  Where does phenol
come from? 
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