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Status of "The Aquatic Gardener" for 1997

For those of you that have been wondering, but have been nice enough to not
complain...at least directly to me <g>.....

The first issue of TAG for 1997 is definitely late! However, it is finally
going out in the mail on Monday. The reason was the death of our financial
secretary  - Jare Sausaman, an original member of the AGA steering committee
member. The production of this issue was waiting on some obit info and this
special issue will be dedicated to him. The format will be a little
different than our usual stuff... it will focus on aquarium articles written
during from the 1850's to the 1930's  ... to see where the aquatic plant
hobby has gone since then and how we are currently returning to some ideas
that needed 50-100 years to take root.  I hope you will all enjoy the reading.

We also have a new printing of the first volume of the new TAG (volume 4 for
1991) which is now available under one cover.. It nicely printed and
"perfect bound" and is available for sale for $15 (including shipping costs
in N. America). ... The history of the AGA is discussed in the first issue
of this volume.... the organization started in 1985 with TAG Volume 1... at
that time we were called the American Aquatic Gardeners Association. (Jare
was a charter member of the AAGA)

In the meanwhile, we have mailed all current AGA members a TAG index for
1991-1996 (categorized by Subject and Author). You will see that it was
mislabeled as a "five-year" index!  None of our crack team (including
myself) caught the error :-(( .... until this morning when I realized the
mistake.  Hence the update to my sig: the AGA is now in our "7th" year (not
the sixth!!).

Neil Frank      Aquatic Gardeners Association         Raleigh, NC
      The Aquatic Gardener - journal of the AGA -  now in its seventh year!!