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Kent vs. Flourish

I have been using SeaChem Flourish once every week or two since I 
have started my planted tank and the results have been great. But,
for some fool reason, I decided to try Kent Freshwater Plant (micronutrient
supplement with Iron) instead.  After I got it home, I noticed that the
dosing instructions seemed off...  Well, compared to Flourish, the 
Kent stuff recommends that over ten times more liquid be used!!  and
the stuff cost exactly the same as Flourish.  So the Kent stuff is 
effectively over ten times (12.5 to be exact...) more expensive than 
Flourish.  Then i noticed some advertising drivel about how Kent has
iron EDTA (and how it the "most expensive iron available").  The ad copy 
goes on to berate "other dark brown irons" (like Flourish?) and implies
that Kent iron "stays in solution longer"...  Well it dosn't take a 
spectrophotometer to see that Flourish (which also uses iron EDTA!)
is dark brown because it has TEN times more iron!!  Yeeesh! the stuff
they get away with!