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Carmelite filtration media

<html><head></head><BODY bgcolor=3D"#FFFFFF"><p><font size=3D2 =
color=3D"#000000" face=3D"Arial">Carmelite ... the first Carmelite I =
ever heard of was my aunt ... she is a Carmelite nun. But that's not =
what I came here to talk about. I had the good luck to meet the Savannah =
Army Corps of Engineers plant &quot;meister&quot;. <br><br>He suggested =
that the very best filtration media was &quot;carmelite.&quot; I have no =
idea what it is but, if I remember correctly, It is exceptionally =
porous. It provides extensive surface area for the beneficial bacteria =
that filter our aquarium water.<br><br>Does anyone know what carmelite =
is? Is it as good as alleged? Where is it available.<br><br>Justin in =
Savannah where &nbsp;SPRING &nbsp;is a popping and the natives are =
looking forward to hundreds of thousands of people from &quot;away&quot; =
coming to town to swill excessive amounts of green beer.</p>