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Echinodorus problems

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Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 12:05:13 +0100
From: "Carlos A. Gallego Lspez" <carlosag at mx2_redestb.es>
Reply-To: carlosag at mx2_redestb.es
To: Aquatic-Plants at ActWin_com
Subject: Help: Echinodorus problems

Hi all,

I am having some problems with my echinodorus (Amazon Sword) related to
nutients deficience, I think. I want to comment them to you to hear some
suggestions. I have read an old post about nutrient deficience but I
couldn't solve the problem.

My echinodurus has two simptoms. It has yellow/brownish spots and the
nerves are brownish, the rest is dark green.

Related to the spots I think it could be magnesium deficience. What do
you think? Now I am adding 3 ml of PMDD daily to my 20 gal tank and it
has 10 g of trace element mix (with a 5% of MgO) and 30 g of MgSO4 in
300 ml of PMDD with the others ingredients (enought Mg ??).

Related to the brownish nerves I am confused. Any suggestion?

Tank data: 20 gal, pH=7, KH=5, GH=5, yeast CO2, no amonia nor nitrites,
nitrates=30 ppm, 36 W of light (biolux) 12 h a day, 3 ml of PMDD added
Fishes: 2 black mollies, 2 corydoras, 10 cardinals and 10 guppies.
Plants: Hygrophyla polysperma (doing very well, grows 2+ cm a day),
Microsorum Pteropus (doing well, now it has new plantlets), Eleocharis
(doing well), Cabomba (some problems due to their position in the tank
with less light than other areas), Miriophyllum Aquaticum (old leaves
getting brown, but new sprouts every where).

Thanks about your help and sorry about the long post.

Carlos Gallego
E-mail: carlosag at mx2_redestb.es