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Iron in plants

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From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM
Subject: Iron in plants
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Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 3:08:33 PST
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Did I say last time that I was saving the ammonia for the fish?
Oops! :%) I meant plants. I also mentioned plants storing iron
but did some reading and while plants do store iron, since it
is considered a non-mobile element, I'm not sure if stored iron
is available to the new shoots of a growing plant. Anybody know?
Salvinia seems to be able to grow for a while in Fe deficient
water before it slows down but its hard to know if the Fe is
really gone from the water.

Also, I have an H stricta plant which is showing classic iron
deficiency symptoms, yellow or white leaves with green veins.
The other plants don't exhibit any chlorotic symptoms so I
wondered if this plant isn't one adapted to much deeper soil
and thus is over oxygenating its roots and is not able to take up
sufficient iron? I've added chelated Fe a couple of times in the
past two weeks and it seems like the green is coming back but I
can't be certain. Will existing iron deficient leaves recover
their green color with chelated Fd additions?

PS I've purposely not been adding nutrients to see how the substrate
is able to supply them. It seems like thick stemmed plants don't
get enough. E amazonicus is also light in color. Note this is a
tank with strong light, CO2 and other nutrients like K, Mg & Ca
added regularly. Substrate is only about 3.5" total.