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Okay, I picked up a Apongeton bulb (and can't quite remember off hand
which type it is... not crispus or undulata) which only had a few leaves
on it.  It quickly sprouted out new leaves once it was settled in my tank,
but has a deficiency.  Brown spots delevop, and then turn into holes,
which get larger with time.  Both old and new growth are effected equally.
Damage will appear on any part of the leaf after it has reached its full
length.  Anyone have ideas.  I'm willing to describe further.  Interesting
to note that none of my other plants have any deficiency that I notice
(Mellon Sword, Mycrathium sp., assorted Val, H. difformis, E. tenellus,
Sag. sublata sublata, some misc. Crypts, etc.).  Fertilization was one
large dose per week, but has become daily dosing three days ago.  Either
on or off list discussion would be great.


pearlsco at u_washington.edu
The more people I meet, the more I like my plants.