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Re: Tex Blast - where is it avaialable?

I understand that Tex Blast is sold in the construction trade as a sand
blasting material. I imagine that it should cost a couple of bucks for a 50
lb bag. In North Carolina (and maybe other surrounding states), the gravel
and coarse sand available from the aquarium dealers and the building trade
is an awful light colored quartz material. Last weekend, I picked up my
first 50 lb bag of tex blast from an aquarium dealer at the Carolina
Aquarium Workshop (who sold it to me for $10, because he did not want to
shlep it back home). I haven't paid for gravel in 10 years, because I
usually get my brownish coarse sand from the local sand and gravel place,
but it is alot of work to cart the stuff home.

The tex blast is pretty nice and is close to the "red flint" gravel we used
to get around here. It is a little coarser than I usually like, but I will
find some "application" for it. This tex blast has a small percentage of
'white' pebbles which red flint does not have. However both are so much
darker than the junk we see in the aquariumshops and are much better for the
fish and IMHO, give the tank a better look. 

I would like to get my local shops to "import" it.  Is there anyone on the
east coast that has access to red flint or tex blast?

Neil Frank      Aquatic Gardeners Association         Raleigh, NC
      The Aquatic Gardener - journal of the AGA -  now in its sixth year!!