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Plants that kill algae

Now, a serious note. 

Caitlin McKee asked about evidence that one plant can inhibit the growth of
another.  The short answer is, "Yes."  

 There is a well documented substance in Eastern Black Walnut called
"Juglands," that is quite toxic to many trees, shrubs, and other plants.
There are phytotoxic chemicals produced from MANY higher plants that inhibit
other plants growth. This can assure the plant of sufficient room, water, and
light for healthy growth.

So, we should not be too surprised to find a branch of Wahoo inhibited the
growth of algae. 

Check with your local University Forestry or Biology Department, and see if
anyone there would like to do a bit of experimenting in this area.  You first
have to demonstrate the inhibitory effect exists. Then, (the really hard
part) you have to find out WHAT SUBSTANCE is doing the inhibiting. 

Good luck!