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Calcium Carbonate

Dear folks, 
		I'm setting up a new tank using some giant vals and e. 
Blerhi (amazon sword).  The water at the office is neutral to slightly 
acidic and very soft < 1 degree german scale for both GH and KH.  I put 
these plants in this water with a vermiculite/soil/worm casting substrate 
under 2 inches of washed river gravel.  I have done this before with very 
good results but in this case both of these hardy (in my experience) 
plants are turning yellow and then clear and falling away. They have only 
been in for under two weeks so they may recover but they are clearly not 
happy.  Thus my idea is to add some hardness to the water, to better 
replicate the water they have thrived in for the past three years.  To do 
this I was thinking of adding some calcium carbonate and magnesium 
sulfate.  So, how much? And where do I get the Calcium carbonate. I found 
it in a generic label of tums but it also has sucrose in it which I 
imagine won't do much harm.  MgSo4 is easy to get as epsom salts of 
		Any thoughts would be appreciated,

					mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu

One of the things I love about aquatic plants is that you don't have to 
remember to water them.  :-)