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Re: UK Sources (APD #558)

The first two postings to APD #559 were from the U.K.

>Does anyone in the UK know of a good source for mail order aquarium

If you buy a copy of Practical Fish Keeping (available from WHSmith's) you
will find inside an Animal House catalogue. I have used them many times
before and they usually deliver within 2-3 working days if you order by phone.

>Also, what is the best plant fertilizer to use that is available in the
>UK?  Everyone talks about PMDD but is it available in the UK?

As far as daily supplements go I use Sera's daily drops (from Animal House).
They contain a mixtrue of trace elements that are readily available to the
plants. They have to be used in conjunction with a fertiliser though. I use
Sera's monthly fertiliser tablets which can be placed in the gravel at the
plants roots. I also use Tetra's Flora Pride. I have obtained excellent
growth results with all these fertilisers. Remember though good fertilisers
will not make up for lack of light and CO2.


P.S. Where abouts do you live?