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Propogation of swords

What is the best way to propogate swords?  I know they send off runners
with plantlets, but how should I replant the plantlets?  Do I just leave
them on the runner and put them in the gravel?  Do I cut the plantlets
off?  If so where is the best place to cut them?  Do the same runners
keep growing or are they replaced with new ones?  I have two runners
with a plantlet on each that has about 7 leaves and each is 3in long.
	I would also like to see if anyone could help me identify my sword.  It
has dark green, long and pointed leaves with short stems.  The plantlet
leaves are even narrower and you can see the veins.  It looks very cool,
and I would like to get more info on it.  Are there any good books I
could look in to try to identify it?

rick.dehart at natinst_com