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Re: do plecos eat plants

>From: N.Monks at nhm_ac.uk (Neale Monks)
>Subject: Re: do plecos eat plants
>The larger 'Hypostomus' shaped plecos seem to be happy enough eating plants
>at least stiff enough to support their weight. This includes fish like
>Hypostomus, Pterygoblichthys, Panaque. I've seen them eat Anubias and
>Echinodoras, but ignore Vallisneria, Ceratophyllum, Cryptocoryne.

Sorry for the late contribution, but for completeness, I thought I would
mention that I once bought a juvenile common pleco (Hypostomus sp.), only
about 4 cm long, because I thought that being so small it wouldn't do much
damage to my plants.  The first day I had it, I was watching the aquarium
when I saw the guy darted out from under the driftwood, grabbed a leaf of a
Pennywort, yanked it off the plant, took it back to under the driftwood and
ate it!  Then he repeated the procedure, while I was in shock.  Obviously,
he was returned to the store immediately.