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Re: Mail Order Laterite

        Reply to:   RE>Mail Order Laterite

>Friends elsewhere:  where can laterite soil be obtained from mail order?

Albert Thiel sells laterite via the web at http://www.athiel.com/ 
his email is albert at netsteps_com 
Price is $6 per pound or $10 for 2 pounds, and there is an additional 10%
discount for orders via the web. It is available in both powder form and
chunks. I set up a 50 gal. plant tank using his laterite and everything looks

>How much laterite should I mix with the gravel in the substrate?  I >intend
to use a substrate heater. Many thanks for your help with this.
>Macon Cowles
>Boulder, CO

Thiel recommends 1 pound of laterite per 50 gallons of water, mixed with the
lower third of the substrate.