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Laterite in US

I'm no expert but Laterite in the US interests me .  I've been following the
posts on this subject for awhile and some say laterite is found under
forests(if there is clay) and some beleive that the red Georgia clay is
Laterite and the most resent post is that there is no iron laterite in the
US!  So to get this straight(as least in my mind), I'd like to ask some
simple question staring backwards from the last post.  (!) can there be two,
an iron and non iron version?  If so ,then we plant people probalby aren't
interested(or are we?) in the non iron version. (2):Are there iron laterites
in the US?  (3) Do they occur under forest floors?  The last question is
extra improtant to me since I have some property in Northern MN  and I know
there is some kind of clay up there -under forest floors.  So how can I tell
if it is laterite?  What are the tests for laterite? 
Thanks to all. JIm Lemke